New Pel Company



All our production procedures are in compliance with European specifications and guidelines, all tests carried out on the leather are in accordance with UNI EN 13336:2004.
Our expert technicians perform quality control checks during each production phase: physical tests at mid production stage and quality-physical tests of every batch at the end of the production process.
Dry and Wet rubbing resistance (rub fastness) tests and ageing resistance tests are regularly carried out at our on-site laboratory.


NEW PEL uses an internationally certified , external state owned laboratory for further testing.
NEW PEL is certified by the Italian government to produce FIREPROOF LEATHER in compliance with legislation 1IM

We have obtained the certification of the Environmental Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard to guarantee environmentally friendly production and our commitment to continue to operate in view of an internal improvement, monitoring compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements, with periodic assessments and monitoring of the system’s performance.¬†ICEC¬†certifying agency.


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